About Us

‘Product and service complimented by loyalty and honesty.’


This is a introduction of myself and partners of Downs Water Warehouse.
Andrew Bunting, Andrew Toms and Ross Wackerling are the owners of Downs Water Warehouse. We have each had 25 plus years industry experience in pumping and irrigation. That’s a combined 80 years of experience to help you get the right information. We have worked for some of the leading businesses in the field during that time.

Our vision is to provide dedication to service and delivery of product. We will be stocking all types of hose, pipe and fittings to service rural, industrial, commercial and landscape businesses. We will supply most of the common pumps used in
industrial, agricultural and domestic markets, also holding parts.

We look forward to being able to help you and your neighbours with our service and experience, providing a reliable source for all your varying water supply requirements.