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What We Deliver

Quality Windmills for Toowoomba, Warwick and Dalby QLD

Downs Water Warehouse is your one-stop shop for all your windmill parts and accessories including:

  • Pumps
  • Rod
  • Galvanised pipe

Leather and neoprene pump buckets
Do you need a completely new windmill? Or are you planning to replace your old windmill? We are happy to help. Learn more about the Double Geared Windmills of Pentair Southern Cross and how it can help you save dollars on your utility bills.

What is a windmill

If you are still thinking about a European Windmill, then you are wrong. The modern windmill is referred to as a windmill but it is actually a “wind pump.” It is the very first source of renewable energy and uses the power of the wind to generate mechanical energy.

The energy harvested from it are then used by farms and agricultural industries for their operations, especially in areas where there is no electricity.

Double Geared Windmills Toowoomba & Windmills Kingaroy

Downs Water Warehouse takes pride in providing only the Windmills Toowoomba, Windmills Kingaroy, Windmills Warwick QLD and Windmills Dalby QLD to various homes and businesses in Queensland. One of the most in-deman product in our list is Double Geared Windmills from Southern Cross.

This can be used in various applications including:

  • Domestic water supplies
  • Pumping from dams, long distance and deep bores
  • Stock watering
  • Tank and dam filling

Talk to us if you wish us to install one in your area. Schedule an appointment with us so we can give you a free quote and estimate.

Features of the Double Geared Windmills for Queensland

With the sole requirement being a light breeze, this double geared windmill can easily be in operation day or night. Some of the features it delivers include:

  • Simple reefing gear
  • Easy maintenance and installation
    Automatic governing and oiling system
  • Working parts run in oil and are sealed against weather
  • Powerful wind wheels for excellent pumping ability and easy starting

It operates using renewable energy so you are sure that it is:

  • Non-polluting
  • Clean
  • Reliable

This is perfect for remote areas in Queensland because it eliminates the need for transport fuel and power line installation. You just need a light breeze and it is ready to operate. Choose from the different range of sizes we offer.

Download the Windmill PDF to learn more about it.

Water Tanks for Toowoomba, Kingaroy, Dalby, and Warwick QLD

Now that your water problem is solved, you’ll need efficient storage equipment to keep it.

Need somewhere to store your water? We can supply tanks and troughs to suit your needs. Talk to us today.

List of Brand Manufacturers for Windmill Parts & Accessories

Aside from Southern Cross, we also supply the following brands of windmill parts and accessories.

  • Alderdice Brassfounders
  • Towner Raindrop

Visit our warehouse from Mondays to Fridays 8am to 5pm, as well as Saturdays 8am to 12pm to personally see our products.

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Alderdice BrassFounders
Southern Cross
Towner Raindrop

Downloadable PDF’s

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